Aug 112014

We are very excited to announce that Alfa will be playing DarkCross 2014!

And it sounds like Ismaila Alfa is excited too. “We are stoked to be part of such a high energy sporting event,” he says. “We can’t wait to add a little Alfa to the vibe of DarkCross!”

Read more about Alfa here.

Sep 102013



Winnipeg, September 9, 2013 – By the time the Crooked Brothers took to the stage at 8pm for their first set, the rising energy level was already palpable. When Archangel Fireworks kicked off the B Race and the lasers and fire dancers got their shows going, the excitement level would have been through the roof if the Red River Co-op Speedway had a cover on it. DarkCross 2013 served up another successful night of cyclocross racing, setting a new record with 270 racers. But this year it solidified its reputation as one of the best outdoor parties on the prairies. Randy Klassen, owner of race sponsor Klassen Concrete, summed it up nicely: “Awesome time. You kids really know how to tear it up!!”

banner garden

Racing in the dark around fire dancers and laser lights (Photo: Christopher Friesen)

Not to be lost in all the fun was the fact that a series of hotly contested cyclcoross races were going on. Manitoba Provincial Team rider Willem Boersma won the Mens Cat 1/2 Race ahead of teammate Jake Allaire. Craig Penner, of race organizing club Dark Red Racing, rounded out the podium in third place. In the Cat 1/2/3 Womens race, Dark Red Racing’s Anna Schappert took the top spot for the third consecutive year. Genevieve Krahn and Andrea Tétrault finished second and third. Results for all races are available at the race website:

After it was all over, race organizer Chris Huebner said, “it feels like all the pieces for DarkCross are finally in place: hard racing, great music, and good times. We have been building this event for a couple of years. To see it all come together so nicely is extremely gratifying.”

DarkCross will be back for another run in 2014, and hopefully with another record-setting turnout. But Huebner, along with a number of other local cyclocross organizers, is now turning his attention to the task of securing the Canadian National Cyclocross Championships for 2014 and 2015. “We have lined up an exciting downtown race venue at The Forks and are looking forward to the opportunity to showcase Manitoba Cyclocross scene to the rest of the country and beyond.” Local racers can look forward to a taste of what a national event might be like when the 2013 Provincial Cyclocross Championships are held at the Forks on November 3.

Sep 082013

The results for DarkCross 2013 are now posted. See them here.

Apologies for some confusion in the U9 kids races.

Thanks for coming out everybody! We hope you had fun. See you all again next year.

Sep 022013

Last year’s popular photo contest is back for another run. And with pyrotechnics and a laser light show added to the mix for this year’s event, there are even more opportunities for some amazing photos. So pack your gear and come out to the Speedway to have some fun. And don’t forget to spread the word.

See the details on the poster below.


Aug 122013

Technically speaking, cyclocross is about racing bikes. But some find the word “race” to be intimidating and, because of that, stay away. If that sounds familiar, then this post is especially for you. Think of cyclocross less as a competition with others and more as a way challenging yourself. Like a marathon, for most people at least. But in the case of cyclocross, the good news is that you’ll never be out there for more than 60 minutes. And for beginners, it’s only 30 minutes.

That is how Aaron Epp approached DarkCross last year. And that is how you should approach it too. Not only is cyclocross a fun way to get active. It can teach you something about pushing through the pain and sticking with a goal–whether just finishing a bike race or losing over 100 pounds.

DarkCross 2012 was Aaron’s first ever bike race. But more importantly, it was also part of his plan to lose weight, get healthier, and have some fun while doing it. As the photos below demonstrate, it worked.

Aaron in 2011

Aaron in 2011


Aaron at DarkCross 2012 (photo: Dan Speechley)


Aaron today

Aaron will be lining up again at DarkCross 2013. Make sure to cheer loudly for him as he makes his way up the Wallace + Wallace Grandstand Run-up.

Read Aaron’s own account of his story here. There are no doubt other compelling stories about DarkCross. Please feel free to send us an email and tell us about yours.

DarkCross has races for everybody–from elite nationally competitive racers to beginners looking to start a more active lifestyle to kids as young as 4 or 5 years old. If you can ride a bike without training wheels, you can participate DarkCross. Just sign up and give it a try. We’re pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.

Jul 082013


DarkCross is pleased to announce that The Crooked Brothers will be performing at the 2013 edition of DarkCross.

The Crooked Brothers blend timeless country classic sounds, back porch blues and stomping scrap yard funk to create their own unique sound. Like a good cyclocross race, their songs depict scenes of a certain beauty that survives even the hardest of hard times.

A good dance, a good cry, it’s all here. Music full of hips and heart. Slinky throbbing bass lines and growling melodies, or a heartache stripped and unadorned. The diversity in instrumentation and vocal arrangements are the vanguard of The Crooked Brothers’ art. Touched first by a three-part harmony, the driving insistence of a strutting funky beat, or maybe the lonesome caterwaul of a lap steel – the listener is drawn in and invited into the true heart of these songs. The poetry. Every word deliberate. Their timbre and lyric summon imagery of resilient souls, of long tough winters, of sadness, sorrow and longing, of sex and mortality. They get lonely and low as low can be, but they are also quick to celebrate. The Crooked Brothers’ songs move from sorrow to joy and back with an ageless grace and it is clear they harbor a love and honour for the lows in life just as much as the highs.

Race Director Chris Huebner says, “We like to think of DarkCross as a big cycling themed party. No party is complete without great music. And so a band has become a central part of the equation. We are very excited to have the Crooked Brothers joining us this year. Their fusion of dark-tinged narratives with a kind of gritty energy is a perfect fit for an event like DarkCross.”

John Paul Peters of Band Sponsor Private Ear Recording adds, “The Crooked Brothers have it all–grit, wit, great musicianship, and evocative songwriting. Their live show is a roller coaster ride taking the audience from gut-stomping grooves to thoughtful poems, from raucous bluegrass to classic country to rock & roll. Just back from their first European tour, the band is currently completing production on their third studio album. The Crooked Brothers are truly a band to keep an eye on and we are very excited to have them lighting up the night at Darkcross 2013!”

To check out their music and find out more about the band, visit their website.